Support Without Borders organization for human rights

Iraqi organization, independent not related or connected to any party , our responsibility is pure humanist our goal is national we dream to be the best support to the best people


Iraqi young people, we connected through social media pages , our most important aim is to help and support the people who are really in need to be supported trying to creat a good environment that suits the unstable situation in Iraq, through this we are trying to send a message that says : we can make big important valuable things depending on the simplest ideas to draw a smile on faces lost happiness for a long time . Our priorities are kids and their child hood , support widows, offering medical help to whom in need to . Honestly we are proud of what we were able to do depending on ourselves with out any official or governmental support , through our personal relations and friends and less than two months we were able to meet about 500 person to provide them food , medications , clothes , and we helped injured Iraqi soldiers to get medical help and left Iraq to get good accurate treatment

Clip about the organization

To join SWBO

If you think you can help , if you like to volunteer and join our family our doors will be opened within the next few days to choose volunteers from both gender ( men / women ) who are qualified enough since we care about quality not quantity, to help finish next missions

organization's leader "Ehab ALJORANI""



Support kids especially orphans and those with special needs and visiting kids' hospitals


Support widows

Support widows through opening work shops to make them able to depend on them selves and start a new good life.


Support the injured Iraqi soldiers

Visit those heroes and offer them medical help and cooperate with doctors with different specializations


Visiting orphanages

Celebrating with orphans, sharing gifts and clothes with them


Supporting our Iraqi forces   

Delivering food and water to the first lines at the battle


Visiting martyr's families

Visiting their families and offer financial helps by announcing about their cases on social media




Ehab Al-jorani

organization's leader

Year of birth: 1978,Last academic achievement : bachelor degree , activist

Ahmed Hadi


Last academic achievement : business management student

Farah Ihsan


Year of birth: 1979 , last academic achievement: bacholar of arts / english department , job title: interpreter at university of baghdad

Dr.Amani Ibraheem


Year of birth: 1975 , last academic achievement: phd , job title: academic professor

Noor Al-shatri


Year of birth: 1985 , last academic achievement: bacholar of arts / department of mass communication / university of baghdad , job title: agency news manager / activist .

Raeda jasem


Year of birth: 1977 , last academic achievement: Job title: governmental employee

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